Introducing the all new Specialized Ruby

I had the privilege to take the new Specialized Ruby out for a little adventure this weekend. I wanted to test how she handled across all the different terrain of the Gold Coast. We are lucky to have picturesque places to ride; from flat coastlines along our beaches, to the stunning hill top views at Springbrook.

The road surface changes from smooth rolling tarmac through our suburbs to rougher open chip out in the hinterland, or the cane fields to the north.

I found that the Ruby made light work of this with her new features. In previous models the ride felt smoother from the Zert inserts located on the front fork and seat stays. The new Ruby has adopted a very different kind of suspension.

Starting at the top lets introduce you to the Future Shock, this is a cylindrical cartridge located in the head tube. It is a spring loaded cartridge that gives you compliance by isolating your body from the road vibration.

How does this transfer into the ride experience? It felt like the Future Shock kept my front wheel on the ground and made it easier to hold a chosen line when descending, without my handlebar being jolted around on a bumpy road. I could confidently sweep through the corners and know that the bike holds true.

In the rear the Ruby has an oval shaped top part of the seat tube. This has given the rounded seat post extra room for flex increasing compliance in the saddle. The seat clamp has been dropped 65mm to allow for this feature. Specialized have also stuck with the ‘cobbler gobbler’ seat post which has proven benefits in past models.

There was no problem when the terrain went vertical, the Ruby climbed beautifully with all models sporting 50/34t chain rings and a 11-32 cassette in the rear. The disc brakes work like a dream giving me the confidence to corner and descend with ease.

With all of these put together, the bike took away a lot of those little bumps and vibrations that get sent through your body. I did not feel as fatigued or drained after my ride, and felt I could have happily stayed out there longer.

Specialized have done a brilliant job by bringing comfort and stability together with an active and lively bike.





Words by: Brooke Sheppeard – Photography credit Scott Sheppeard Photography