Product Launch
The all-new men’s & women’s Turbo Levo offering an electrifying trail experience.
Pedal-assist, high-performance trail bikes open up mountain biking to new riders, and reinvigorate existing riders by making the tallest mountains feel more like mole hills.

Turbo Levo

Introducing the Specialized Turbo Levo line, designed from the ground up to integrate pedal-assist technology into a dedicated trail riding platform. Unlike some bikes currently on the market, the Turbo Levo is not simply a mountain bike with an electronic drivetrain grafted on as an afterthought. Each Turbo Levo is a flagship trail bike, seamlessly integrating pedal-assist capability and range with legendary Specialized mountain bike DNA. Focus is placed on the three key elements: handling, integration and range.


Handling is delivered courtesy of Specialized’s proven trail geometry. Integration comes in the form of a battery and motor that disappear into the design of the bike. Range is provided by the pedal assist drivetrain that allows riders to go farther with less effort.

These bikes are unbelievably and undeniably fun for any mountain biker. For the seasoned trail rider, you’ll be able to climb faster and rip more descents in the same amount of time as your pedal bike. And for those riders that have been injured, or whose personal internal “motors” aren’t as young as they once were, you’ll be the first among your friends at the top of the hill, while being able to ride farther for enjoyment on the trail. That’s what it is all about, after all—enjoying the trail.

It’s Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo — More Mountain Bike Photos



When creating the all-new Camber, we made sure to harness the benefits that made this bike a rider favourite in the past. The new Camber has 3 key areas that work in unison to create the fastest trail bike out there:

SPEED: While Camber has always been a blast to ride, the standout feeling of the new Camber is how quickly the bike accelerates, tackles climbs and bursts out of corners.

CONFIDENCE: Trail bikes have to do it all, and do it all well. And while Camber has a touch more speed built into its DNA, it still needs to tackle single-track with the total confidence that trail bikes are known for.

UTILITY: It’s more important than ever to be prepared for what the trail might dish out. Most of the time, it comes down to the performance of the bike, but other times it boils down to what you bring along to fix it when things go sideways. We first introduced the mind-blowing SWAT Door on the completely redesigned Stumpjumper FSR and Rhyme, and now we’ve adapted the same feature to the Camber.



Easy out of the pedals, protection, and comfort — the addition of an all mountain/gravity shoe to our line opened our eyes to what riders really wanted. We leveraged that insight to build a new shoe that’s focused on the trail rider, specifically in these three areas:

Connection, Comfort, & Light Weight.

CONNECTION: The outsole of the original 2FO is amazing, it’s easy to engage and disengage the pedals, they’re walk-able, and they feature a flat surface to interact with the pedal. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The new 2FO ClipLite uses a slimmed down version of this sole, with the Landing Strip to aid engaging the cleat, paired with Slipnot rubber to grip the pedal body.

COMFORT: Trail shoes are put to task, sometimes being worn for long stretches of trail and time. So they’d better be comfortable and durable.

LIGHTWEIGHT: How many pedal strokes do you make in a three-hour trail ride? As many as 10,000 or even more! We wanted to save every gram possible to help lighten the load. Which is why ClipLite has a new thermo-bonded upper structure, optimizing lightweight construction, while also employing easy-to-adjust S2 Boa dials. The shoe still provides good foot protection, especially in the toe area, and clocks in over 50 grams per-shoe lighter than the original 2FO.

2FO Cliplite